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Idea for new life spell

Feb 15, 2009
I had an idea for a new life spell called wildbow it has 10% accuracy and heals 2000 hit points. And its a big rainbow

Aug 21, 2009
that is twice as powerful as wild bolt is for storm and having a grandmaster life character I can assure you that another healing spell is the last thing it needs, it could use another attack, or group attack, or something along those lines. I am also against giving a school that has 90% cards a card that is only 10% accuracy, it makes it feel too much like storm.

Dec 16, 2009
i dont think a nother heal is what life needs instead i feel life needs stronger spirit shields like say absorbs 700 damage or some thing instead of 400 still not as powerfull as ice or give us a absobe X amount for X pips that would help life a lot aginst say wild bold or other one shot killers