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ice spells taunt and ice armor

Nov 10, 2009
there isnt a section talking about spells so i thought this falls into pvp category.
i think ice wizards are seriously descriminated in the game, we dont have the power of a storm, we cannot fire off big hits and we can not heal properly like life does, we can not easily break shields like fire and myth, and that leaves us ice wizards the role of last long in the game with heaps of health and resist and 'tank' enermies attacks.

now there are 2 spells i want to bring to your attention.
firstly taunt. obviously taunt is used to taunt your enermy and force them to attack you because ice has huge health pool and resist. now there is a huge flaw in this spell, i believe taunt only generate 200 threat to each of your enermies, if your friend casts a storm lord that will generate 1000 or so threat on each enermy which will immediently force your enermy to attack your storm friend. even if you try to taunt after the cast of storm lord, your enermies will still attack your storm friend. i think taunt should generate more threat like 1000 to enermies or even make it force them to attack me for 3 rounds or something. for 2 pips it should be more useful spell than it is now.

secoundly, ice cant heal. well we are tanks right? we suppose to last long on the field right? but we dont. death makes a better thank than us, because their scarecrow can heal them. the fact that we can not heal properly is the sole reason that we can not take the 'tank' role properly. now i want to bring to your attention the spell, ice armor. how often do you see ice armor been used in the game? rarely so rarely that i think almost never. how often do you see balance wizard use judgement? how often do you see storm use tempest? how often do you see fire use heckhound? ok you get the point. ice armor is lame, that we almost never use it. the fast that shields cast before ice armor can not be triggered un till ice armor breaks is the major flaw of this spell. now i bring you a solution.
ice armor: absorb 80 damage per pip and heals self for half the amount when it breaks. lets do a calculation: wraith attacks 500 and heals half, thats 83damage and 42heals per pip. if my idea can be impelemented it should bring ice wizards attention that we have an X pip spell too and it is as useful as the x pip spells from other schools and it is COOL.

May 19, 2009
Jul 04, 2010
Ok i will tell you right now ice is 3rd if not 2nd best overall school. I have had 2 ice wizards.
My current one a level 35 magus - rank Knight yes a knight. Its all about SECONDARY!!!! get life as a secondary it will help. here how i start off a match weaken them with wand attacks then start shielding while saving up pips start boosting while other is breaking shields then summon a minion and take some damage. Then use frostbite and combo with snowman or ice wyvern then by time i done my ice minion would be using storm shark to finish them off. This plan is adjusted depending on what school i am fighting if i go first or not.

Jan 27, 2009
Um lets see, most health in the game, TOWER SHIELDS, ice armor, and stuns. HOW ARE YOU COMPLAINING!?

Aug 04, 2009
I think you are completely right ice is the weakest school i have an ice warlord and i can say ice is very descriminated other schools can get commander rank in a week i had to start pvp at level 35 to even get to commander ice has good health but thats about it other than that ice is the weakest school in the game think about this life gets centaur at level 32 and it does more than ice collosus a spell ice gets at 42 storm can match our best spell by their mid 20s and from level 22-41 our best spell is ice wyvern other things about our health while we are the only school that can reach 3400 health and good resistance but the price it takes on our attacks is insane ask yourself how many ice warlords do you see not many