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Ice school needs a nerf

Jul 07, 2017
I do grandmaster, legendary and max level pvp on different characters that are all different schools. Ice needs a SERIOUS nerf. They routinely spam frostbite with a single blade on and there are only so many triage you can carry. Then, if you hit them, they rock a life mastery so they heal back to max.

They have pets that give 2x arcticzillas.

They can combo frostbite with lord of winter which still does almost 1.2k damage and takes pips.

They can combo ice minotaur.

They are now getting a 4 pip hit and bubble making bubble control impossible.

ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS: even if you play them for time, Diego chooses them because the constant spam.

ICE IS BROKEN and KINGSISLE SUPPORTS IT. Every pvp player I know is exhausted because they go against the same ice with the same life mastery and the same broken Strat. PVP IS NOT FUN ANYMORE. Thinking about quitting the game.

Apr 19, 2015
A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
Ice is getting nihilated in each upcoming update. Stay tuned!

(I also feel bad for the Ice PVE people as these changes should largely not effect them.)

Jul 16, 2012
Ice has already gotten hit with a lot of nerfs in the past updates. They're not as hard to beat as they used to be.

Jul 07, 2017
Ice’s “nerfs” have hardly been nerfs. Storm got such an insane nerf that they became bottom of
The barrel. Loremaster got an insane nerf.

Ice has barely been tempered with. Their abominable weaver does the same damage and still gives a tower shield, a worthy move. Frostbite spam is endless. Ice mino is broken.

They STILL have arcticzilla even though firezilla is impossible to come by.
Lord of winter still does disgusting damage and takes enough pips to prevent a heal back.
Their health is still grossly high.

Ice is broken.

Oct 30, 2020
thebalancelord111 on Jul 14, 2021 wrote:
Ice has already gotten hit with a lot of nerfs in the past updates. They're not as hard to beat as they used to be.
There pretty hard to beat at legendary pvp when they can effectively heal with satyr using a life mastery.