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Aug 10, 2010
Just a back story on one of my most recent pop matches, not needed but just to provide backstory on where im coming from
Ok so before y'all hate and call me biased hear me out. The reason why I'm writing this is because there has been multiple pvp matches where I have bubble, blades, and even my own minion at the same time or the match was even and quickly turned one-sided because of a difference in minions For example one match I was winning and a storm used his 3pip minion. I don't have reindeer knight so I needed an extra turn to pull for hit. After my turn he Shriked and his minion changed the bubble. I responded by bracing since I already had shields up and he had 2 prisms on me. After my turn he added a 3rd prism and his minion insane bolted me getting rid of all my shields and all the prisms. Now my response was to Weaver as the storm had set up 5 separate blades already and probably could have killed me if he used Rusulka, Scion, Storm Owl any of those would have killed easily. I only won that match because I was blessed by the Ice Giants and he DC'ed from game.

Now with that being said I don't want a nerf because I feel the minion played perfectly and as it should.

Firstly I would like to recommend a change to Ice Guardian in PVP. It is by far the worst minion by a land slide. Unlike the other schools it has no identity. Every school Blades and traps and has a low pip hit, but where its lacking is utility. It doesn't heal like Myth or Storm, it doesn't get rid of blades like storm, it can't Mantle or send DOTs like fire and unlike its elemental counter parts it can't change bubble.

What I recommend is adding taunt, tower shields or legion shields, maybe add bubbles but I'm indifferent about that and adjust its stats to be more like ice. To my knowledge it is the weakest 3pip minion in game with 300hp which makes no sense since it belongs to the supposedly tankiest school. Since it doesn't have nearly as much utility as the other schools I believe a buff to at least 550hp would be reasonable and would put it right in the middle of Fire's and Storm's minion. Also I believe a tweak to its AI to make it more likely to buff the wizard rather than itself would make it up to par with other schools.

Lastly I would like to reiterate I do not want a nerf to the other schools minions because the way they are perfectly align with their schools identity but a buff to Ice's to be up to par with everyone elses.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this