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Ice is only a defensive school? I object!

Jan 23, 2011
Personally as an ice wizard on Wizard 101 I have noticed ice is very much on the defensive side and takes some time before attacking. There is but one reason I object to this, sometime before level 42 an Ice Wizard will go on a spell quest. Well, in the end of this spell quest you get a very special card and this card grants you the power to have a minion! Yes a minion!! The spell is called Ice guardian and this spell has saved me in countless battles. This also supports my thought on ice being more than just defensive. So If you want a minion you can go to myth AND ice. But the ice guardian is only available to ice wizards. And considering how defensive we ice wizards are, having a minion along side will surely change the tides of any battle if you become an ice wizard. Oh, and please don't give any rude comments on how you don't have a minion yet, your minion will come later in the game, probably around the time when you're in Dragonspyre. Now Good day and feel free to tell me what you believe in a nice manner or any more supporting evidence to help me.

Dec 24, 2009
I've never actually thought about that. I never thought of ice as a defensive school to begin with. They get some really good attacks. While you get tower shield, good resist, and absurd health, you also have ice colossus, frost giant, and snow angel. Ice begins as a defensive school, but later transforms into a force to be reckoned with.

Richard BattleStone lvl 86 (Annoyed by ice AI with their tower shields)

Apr 21, 2012
Nope. Defensive? Yes. However it it can also do damage, quite a bit in fact.

Ice is still a tank class, but its what is referred to as a battle tank.

What that means, Ice can take a lot, but it can dish it out too.

Dec 24, 2009
This is a bit of topic, but the test that tells you which school you are at the beginning of the game, said I should be an ice wizard but I didn't like it when it said ice was somewhat weaker when attacking so I switched to fire. Now I'm wishing I had stuck with ice.

Richard BattleStone lvl 86

Jan 11, 2012
Just because a school is thought of as primarily one function, doesn't mean that's all it does. Ice DOES have a lot of defensive spells/effects, but it can (as others have said) pack a punch. ANY school can be offensive or defensive, depending how you play it

Jul 03, 2012
I agree that ice cannot do that much in the beggining in attacking, but in the game i realized "Hey, this is a pretty good school!" It attacks good and LOOK AT THE HEALTH! :D

Wolf Owlhunter lvl 100

Jan 23, 2011
Thanks for the nice replies! I'm just a bit confused because I've seen some people saying Ice is weak and shouldn't be picked! Thanks, it makes me feel all the better that there are people out there who agree with me!
Megan Stormmask

Dec 16, 2009
ice is pretty boss a little slow at the beginning but ice is actually one of the strongest pvp schools best paired with a good defensive life wizard and you got your self a solid team to take you all the way to warlord