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I want the pvp fixed and fixed now.

Jan 04, 2009
I hope the next update not only brings new stuff that we dont need. I want the pvp be fixed as soon as posibble. I am tired of it. Now I am magus and find my self fighting only against grandmasters. On top of that they ALWAYS not 1 not 2 I mean ALWAYS go first. I loose... and loose 30-35 points I win... I win 1 and 2 points. Are you kidding me? What? PVP is only for grandmasters or what?

Jun 17, 2009
do you go through the forums or not?

please follow


it is fine as it is.. you choose to be a magus to fight in pvp you can't expect to be fighting level 30's the whole time other level 30's need points you have too much greed accept to fight grands..

i beat grands myself because the constantly depend on high level pip spells when i can be attacking rather quickly. thus making them want to heal or waste their pips on attacking.