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I Need Help Bad! (Level 77 Myth)

Jul 21, 2013
I never started PvP until i was about level 20. I stunk! My rating went from 500 to 430 in just a few rounds. I am now level 77. Now, my rating is at 30! Now what? People at level 50 can easily kill me. They have so much resist, damage boost, and piercing, that I die in about 5-6 rounds. What do I do now? I can never find people in my skill level. I can't ever get 2v2 teams. And, I will never get good pets. The greatest pet I ever got was a Maple Moose. May cast tower shield, 8 resist, and 5 resist, and 5 damage.I need better gear too. I have Masque of The Soothsayer (Lvl 70 version.) Tricksy Robes. Rokogu Footwear (level 60 version.) Vassals Longsword. Noble Hunter's Dagger. Amulet of Rainbows End. Ganelon's Lost Ring. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Maybe gear suggestions, decks, or strategy.

Connor Legendbane ( A Struggling Level 77 PvP Player )