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May 12, 2009
Okay, i need a PvP Partner BAD! I used to be up to sergeant, then when i got to LVL 38 i kept getting matched against people who were like LVL 45 and higher. I was close to Veteran! (about halfway that why i am now mad like Rank 558 veteran is 600 - 650) Anyway, that got me really mad. I like doing 2v2 cause i get to make new friends. Anyway, i tried to win that rank back, but like most people I FAILED!

So, i would like a PvP Partner LVL 42 or higher, since i LVL 43.

I would like any school except Fire (cause i am Fire OK?) life if i get lucky and if you can heal i back you up cause i carry heal treasures and while i training in DS i get alot of stuff i can sell for CASH MONEY! lolz


Christo FireHeart LVL 43 Pyromancer ( Fire)

P.S. It will benefit you too cause you will get your rank up also.

P.P.S. If you say yes, let's meet in front of the arena near Diego! How about Friday December 5th (and i wont have any homework) at anytime in front if the arena near Diego. PLS REPLY PEOPLE I DONE WITH GETTING MY BUTT KICKED!
P.P.P.S All because of judgement and wild bolt of fizzle rate for Fire.