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I have a few questions about pvp.

Oct 25, 2012
So, to start, I plan to max 7 wizards that are the 7 different schools on my main account. I love playing on the different schools as It's fun to play different play styles and use different spells.

I am completely new to pvp in this game but would like to get into it at some point in time. I could play max level pvp on my main account with the different schools, even though I'm not really sure which schools are good or not at that level.

So, my question is, do level 50 wizards get matched up with level 130 wizards?

I ask because pvp at levels 10-80 are sure to be different than pvp at max levels, due to not having shadow spells/ not having access to different things. I assume that makes pvp different and unique at lower levels.

If I ever wanted to pvp at lower levels, I'd have to make a seperate account, and level up my wizards for pvp purposes. Is that worthwhile to do so?

Finally, I wish that high level wizards, such as those that are level 130, were able to "transform" into a lower level wizard for pvp purposes only. They would go back to base level 50 stats for example, and would only be able to use level 50 spells and gear. That way anyone would be able to go back and play different formats of pvp in the game.

I realize that idea is probably dumb, not feasible, and may bring in a ton of issues. I really don't know much about pvp in this game, such as the matchmaking system, but I would love to know more!

Mar 09, 2018
Greetings from u/JewelEDM

I do legendary PvP and it's a much better experience. Gear isn't expensive to get, and the only broken thing other than a few spells is critical. All in all, it's possible to win from second, and there are so many cool combos you can do with just about every school at level 60. Would highly recommend.