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I Dont Want To PvP Alone. Anyone wanna join?

May 23, 2009
yah so I'm a team player, point blank. 1v1 just doesn't cut it for me.
So I'm looking for some new people to team up with. I've been playing Wizard101 and Pvp for like 7 months (so I know what I'm doing) and would like some new tough wizards to team up with. I really don't care what schools because I know how to arrange my playing skills accordingly. But I do prefer for you to have the proper defense and spells in your deck and to use them like ya should.
Please respond to this message if you're interested.

~David SoulFlame Fire Lvl 50 Commander
~David SoulHunter Balance Lvl 50 Commander
~Darby SparkleFlower Myth Lvl 46 WarLord
~David SoulBreeze Ice Lvl 15 Knight

May 24, 2009
i will team up with you, i am lvl 48 myth my rank is commander. my wizard name is joseph dragonspear. i am on at night.

May 12, 2009
I will join i love PvP but i suck at it. I am a level 45 Fire Private. If you want to we can set up a meeting place. My name is Christo FireHeart. You can usually find me at the arena :-)

Christo FireHeart LVL 45 Pyromancer 8)

Ps I can heal i make some satyr treasures and i could give you some Casue i part life and thats how i roll lolz

Apr 13, 2009
ill team up with you. but one problem....
my death isnt a good tema player, cause he always uses doom and gloom in a pvp match. i mean ALWAYS. and most of the time its an accedental click to, i really dont want that to happen in a team match. so my storm is lvl 50 private (he fails in pvp) formerlly a warlord since i lowered rank and i forgot to stop at veteran.
so just set up a meeting time and we can meet at the arena or soemthing...

Nov 29, 2009
ill team with you i'm carlos willwostaff lvl 35 fire

Sep 01, 2008
ill team with you i am on in the afternoon.

Blake stormmancer Level 48 storm sergant

May 02, 2009
I hear you man. Even though I'm a former veteran, I also like to team up every now and then.

IGN is Seth ShadowCloud, Grandmaster fire with grand fire gear(hat, robe and boots).

I haven't played W101 in a while, so I may be a little rusty when/if I get on again.

I could try this weekend, so we could try to meet outside the arena, next to roland silverheart in the helephant realm at noon EST.

May 25, 2009