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I dont understand... can anyone explain?

Dec 29, 2008
Well today I have been in the PvP arena playing in the ranked matches. Well first off let me give you my stats I'm a

Life/Storm Wizard
Level 28
Health- 1,964
Mana- 197
I have 13% resistance for all schools
29% power pips
PvP rank
Sergeant (552)
9 Matches
6 won
3 lost

Ok well I've been in about 3 ranked matches today and I have won them all.
One guy I fought had 2,111 health and like 25% resistance to everything I think. Well i had his health somewhere around 1,580 and he starts telling me to let him win and stop healing myself ( he too was death with the vampire spell) and kept using it and healing himself. Well anyways I beat him in the end. But after all this my question is Why do people with higher health and levels enter the PvP match and then ask a Life wizard to "stop healing themselves"? Because the way I see it Life is the healing school and instead of high attack spells we get healing spells. Right now my highest spell is Seraph which hits by itself 335-395 but I use 2 blades and a trap. In the end all these together hit around anywhere from 400-932 depending on the shields and resistance of the other player. Anyways I am not saying people should feel bad for life wizards or anything but please tell me why do you ask a life wizard to stop healing themselves?
I'm not sure why but this just really gets to me.!

Sorry by the way for the long post/rant whatever you'd like to call it;)

Feb 21, 2009
lol i have a grandmaster life wizard and i'm always told to stop healing and its really silly because like 80% of our cards are healing. I can see why it is annying though cause you don't need lots of pips to cast them and they have like a 90% chance of being cast :P