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i am the worst wizard ever!

Jun 25, 2009
when ever i do a PvP match i always lose is there something wrong with me sincerly, steven swiftstone level 50 sorceror private

Jun 04, 2009
NOT AS BAD AS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o
when ever i do 2v2 i ALWAYS get lower level wizard
i am at like 0 pvp points
i geing a level almost 1 time every 3 months!!!!!!!!!!
sadly level 36 wizerd bushbaby123/gracefrostfriend

Feb 25, 2010
PvP is way different from the rest of the game. A lot of people that play in the arena have found very effective ways of creating massive damage, and it's also common that they'll block you from healing.

Look at your deck and think about how to set up your best damage shots, and also protect yourself from the attacks that get you most often. I'm still working on mine, my most experienced PvP wizard wins ~65% of the time.

At least you get tickets either way, and when you do figure out your strategy to start winning fights you should improve your rank quickly.

May 30, 2009
I'm a lvl 50 (Knight-Ranked) sorcerer and I do VERY well in 1v1 matches.

A lot of sorcerers, like myself, use the full-power pip Judgment spell technique mixed with blades, traps, plenty of shields, and our own intelligence. You may have to experiment with different deck setups in the practice arena to find a quick and effective way to cast blades on yourself and traps on your opponent, all while keeping an eye out for tower shields. Good luck! :)

-Jessica DreamCatcher

Mar 08, 2009
whoa whoa whoa.... bubbs if ur a lvl grand balance why not use judgement....