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How would you fix pvp to make it play better

Aug 21, 2009
Perhaps if we all list the problems with pvp and state how to fix them we can end up with a revamped pvp arena that is more fair and fun to play.

1. earthquake should not drop stun shields

2. friends teams should not quickly pair against non-friends teams

3. teams that go last should get an extra white pip

4. teams that go last should recieve a free initial stun shield

5. without 3 and 4, teams that go last should win more and lose less than they currently do as it is much harder to win when going last

6. the team that goes first should not be able to see beguiles, dispellations, and the like cast upon them until the turn after they are cast to make such spells as effective for the team that goes last as they are for the teams that go first

7. people who flee should recieve a 5 point penalty per member of the team they abandon, those who are abondoned by such players should recieve those 5 points for such a disadvantage caused by the fleeing individual

8. balance shields against balance school only should be introduced, in pvp 3v3 and 4v4 balance doesn't tend to rely on judgement so much so balance sheilds should not affect balance that much (hydra is an elemental spell and should not even be affected by balance school shields). Additionally, most people like me have trouble finding the time to place all shields upon self, so in 3v3 and 4v4 balance shields likely wouldn't even be placed, so there is no reason not to have such school only shields in the game

9. dispels should be school only, that is if you are storm school you should have no access to the dispels of other schools... the exception would be that balance would have access to all the various school's dispels... this alone makes up to balance for the addition of a balance shield that should be balance school specific

10. the points won and lost due in arena fights based upon matched ranks should be narrowed, if high ranked players face low ranked players, the high ranked players lose a lot of points should they lose but often these fights are very difficult to win cause the other side has something like two life schools and two high damage dealing schools... the win/loss point spreads are too severe and unjustifiable given difficulty levels.

11. players randomly joining tables should be given the option not to be placdd back at that table should they choose to leave it due to a dislike of a player who is there or due to the table looking unlikely to win given the mix of schools that are present at it

12. due to initial loading times as well as trying to figure out what the other team consists of, the first clock time (and only the first clock time) for choosing a card should have its time doubled

so far that is my list of desired changes, I probably missed a few things

Jul 13, 2010
I, as an adept wizard would change just a few things like....

1. This is a big one........................................... SOMETHING THAT WOULD SEPERATE THE GRANDMASTERS FROM THE ADEPTS!!! The magus' from the novices! I'm getting tired of losing every match because I go up against ppl with 2499 or 1997 while I only have 1458 health. i have fought a total of 13 times and only have won 4 of them.The rest where loses :(.

2. More tickets per match would be better. Ex: 10 tickets for losing team and 28 for winning.

That is all.

Paul Ravenleaf
level 29 death wizard