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How to Rank a Balance up to Commander?

Oct 23, 2012
I have a level 33 Balance wizard, ranking Private in PVP, and I really want to rank her up to Commander (I bet you know why: the ever popular Cloak of Invincibility). What is the best way to rank her up to Commander with the constant threat of TC holding higher ranking opponents or higher level opponents?
(There's nothing wrong with using TC, but when a level 25 uses Ra on you, it becomes a problem).

Feb 14, 2010
I suggest you keep your opponent's health down (and towers off) with low pip costing spells (scorpion, locust, spec blast, fire elf for tower shields) preferrably with an enchant on it, like monstrous. This will keep their pips down while they try to heal and such. Shield when possible (elemental and spirit shields, towers) and blade. Summon a mander minion when your opponent's pips are low (they are so helpful, hence their name lol), Save up to judgement. Make sure to keep in helping hands or other heals. Good luck!

Ashley SummerFountain

Oct 30, 2011
Double balanceblade. Keep minions out. Spam weakness and shields until you get full pips. Infallible. Fire elf to remove any shields that your minion hasn't. Bladestorm. Monstrous judgement, twice in a row if it doesn't kill. I used this strategy to get to 1300 rating on my balance level 28. Oh, and put a few pierce tc in for ice armor/spirit armors. Oh, and also, use a few monstrous sandstorm to kill minions. Training points: Life up to sprite. Ice up to tower. Fire up to fire elf. Cloak. Infection. (sprite for a small heal and to remove infections) Cloak weaknesses and the shields that apply to your opponents school, so you can multiply them with reshuffle.

Jan 21, 2013
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Dec 03, 2012
Balance- the school of blades and traps. Use them!

Train death to feint, or use tc. The balanceblade, then dragonblade, hex, tc hex, tc dragonblade, tc balanceblade, tc curse, bladestorm, tc bladestorm, if not at full pips, then vengeance, heals if you them, then when you have full, cast a full pip judgement!

Nov 14, 2010
well i suggest getting a strategy