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how to handle bolters

Dec 23, 2008
have you ever been face to face with a bolter? yea i bet you have. and either if you go first or second they chain bolt you to dead? yea that has happened. well there is one way to defeat them. all it takes is patience.

first thing, is when you get in the arena and see a storm wizard with pvp gear all you need to do is to hope that you go first. if you do then you are in luck. all the bolterrs care about is just bolting, obviously. so you should start off with a storm shield since they might start with a power pip.

most bolters dont carry shields, because all they carry are bolts and back up spells like storm lord, triton, and stormzillas...they think that they would finish the fight fast.

equip your deck with lots of storm shields and tower shields. also dont forget your buffs and healing spells like satyr and the fairy.
on your treasure cards, equip tower shields that shields 55% and storm shields that shields 85%. together with your treasure traps. and steal wards.

bolters seems like they might never fizzle their bolts, but sometimes they do. since you go first shield. if he hits yuo then shield again, and repeat this until he/she fizzles. when they do fizzle use a buff or a heal if you have low health. then if he hits again then shield again. and if they fizzle then you have a chance of buffing or shielding. and repeat this until you have enough buffs. when you do have enough buffs wait until he fizzles so that you have an extra shield for the next turn. so then you attack and you have a good chance of killing him/her with one hit. if you see that he/she uses tower shield, then use the steal wards that an ice friend gave you.