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How to become a PvP commander?

Feb 16, 2009
How to become a PvP Commander? On my legendary Ice wizard, I was once a PvP Veteran, but then I started losing more and more and finally just lost my rank in general. :-( Since I lost my rank then I then gave up with arena. But now that I am seeing more and more wizards (low levels too arond 10-20) with full Commander gear, I want to start arena again and also get my Commander gear. But basically to get to the point of this, how can I become a Commander with full gear after? I am not worried about tickets at all either. If I were to become a commander again, should I create a whole new wizard and or just stick with my Ice? and if I were to create a new one which school should it be and what level should it be to start arena? I just need a lot of tips again of how to make it to commander. I dont care how long it takes I just want to get my commander gear and the rank. Thank you! :-)

Aug 04, 2009
Just use your ice legend. There are a ton of lower level warlords that will have arena gear because most of them just over power new players and just feed off their rank. But for ice you should just get your strategy down, you can outlast a lot of other schools. You know use your tower shield and use frostbite and snow angels in 1v1. My favorite strategy for ice in 1v1 is to get two towers up, then while my opponent tries to get those off I put on two iceblades, then Once they are done getting those towers off (Usually takes a while even though it is so easy, I guess people just don't care about it) Then I use frostbite(with gargantuan) then use freeze which will stun them, the frost bite should take care of any shields, and with the freeze spell you should have an opening for a collosus(with gargantuan). Well that is a pretty standard ice strategy. But no don't make a new wizard because of it.

Apr 18, 2010
Jan 05, 2010
First thing you need to do is get the right gear set, IMO the waterworks gear is the best choice to pvp with. You can substitue the frostbit cape for the celestia ice robe for more resist if you choose. A big part of your gear is your pet, take the time to make one that compliments your school, ice is a defensive school so a pet with double resist can mean the difference in a fight. You know those annoying crafting missions? If you haven't completed them already take the time to do it, crafting the cosmic Kris and stellar segnet will give you healing boosts you need to get that rank.

How did you spend your training points? Give some more info and i will help you with point planning and deck construction.

Legendary pvp is all about saving pips for the combination attacks, it requires much planning.

Three tips

1)make ice elves and put them in your side deck, you can use them to break shields for low pips while you set up your offensive

2)use your minion, Protect him and he will break the other guys shields giving you a chance to blade up. Also destroy your opponents minions as fast as possible.

3 )keep your bubble up, it can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Write back, there are many people here that would like to help you out. It's nice to see someone asking for help rather than just complaining. :-)

Oct 05, 2010
Quick Easy Way To 1v1 Your Way To Commander : (ICE ONLY)

1-Gear:Waterworks gear seems to be the best geat atm, you may substitute the frostbit cape for the celestian ice robe if you really choose to have more resist at the cost of your critical and block. Try and get the cosmic kris and stellar signets for your ring and athame complimented with a life mastery amulet.

2-Deck:Frostbite is a definite necessary, try to keep balefrost up since bubbles are actually a huge factor in 1v1. Your ice minion will be your main shield breaker and add some extra damage whenever he can :-D. I recommend using angel or frost giant to eliminate those pesky minions very quickly ( best on myth,fire, and other ice opponents since they are the only ones to actually use minions ). Carry some treasure blades, gargantuans, triages, reshuffles in your treasure deck :-D. Satyr is a must in your main deck, use fairies to break infections. Steal ward is a nice touch put a few in and use it to steal some tower shields, or ice shields.

3-Pet:Your pet is another huge factor in PvP. I suggest taking time to get one with max resist (15% from spell-proof and spell-defy) and ofc spritely.

Jul 04, 2010
First off, I would strongly suggest not using any ring or athames that does not give critical resist. There is a small variety of rings and athames that you can craft from winter tusk that are better than the celestia rings and athames. Critical resist is very important since you are legendary. Huge heal boosts won't matter if a single critical attack takes out all or most of your health. If you don't craft, there's options available that give pip, critical resist and big healing boosts. No health, but it's better to survive a critical attack and then heal then straight up accept defeat from one critical attack for at least half of your health.

Pets are very important. Specially if you get an active pet because you could be getting 300-500hp back a round for no pip cost. Most people will suggest spell proof, spell defying, spritely and pain giver as a perfect pet, but with smoke spam in team matches, sharp shot will help at least a little. Since ice only gets a small 9% boost from their gear, an accuracy boost will never hurt. My ice with sharp shot is casting at 95%.

Another thought to consider is a pet with spell proof, spritely, pain giver and ice giver. I have a friend with an ice wizard with 2 out of 3 legendary gear and level 58 boots matched with a pain giver pet with crafted ring and athames and she has a 48% attack boost. Ice giver on top of that would give her a 54% attack boost which is pretty epic for an ice wizard imo. She also has a 41% resist all with spell proof which should go up should she ever get her boots iirc.