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How is this possible?

Jul 28, 2014
If you go to Arena, Leader boards, And look at the first page and look at the person with 161 wins and 199 wins both with 3k plus rank? How is that possible with only 161 wins with a 3090 rank.

Thats 18 points per win! I wish i could get that many per win, most i get at warlord rank is around 8 points per win.

Off-Topic kinda
Next i want you to go to leader boards again and click on wins twice. And you should see all of that.. 13 wins 1940 rank... This one is obvious 15 wins 2261 rank

Kingsisle clearly stated that they are banning everyone who did an exploit(s) witch they did most likely, They also removed the guy that had 8012 rank with 0 wins when ever they banned everyone for pvp exploit, but they didnt remove these little cheaters?

Sep 15, 2013
PVP is and has always been completely unfair. They need to completely revamp it. Especially when fighting balance wizards. I don't understand how one judge with one power pip can take off thousands of points of life to the other player. This is just crazy! There is also no good defense when fighting balance wizards. They need to even the playing field.

Oct 22, 2009
Apparantly when they first released 2nd age PVP, there was a glitch where peole can get free rank. I never found out what it was, so I can't say what it was. But I did hear about it.

I guess KI fixed it but not all of the users of the glitch.

Unfortunate, but it happened.