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How hard is PvP?

Oct 16, 2010
I'm a Level 110 Death Wizard with no experience in PvP. I wanted to know how hard is it to learn the PvP meta and improve in it so I can rank up to Commander and get the Coat of Invincibility for stitching purposes.

Sep 10, 2009
I am no expert but I'll say something. You're Death which means you will always be at a disadvantage compared to schools such as Fire, Ice, Balance and Life. That is over 50% of the schools you have a natural disadvantage against. This meta is literally so agressive; pierce is at an all time high which means if you miscalculate and don't shield for one round and you're 2nd. And the opponent is first and gets a shadow pip, for most schools that is almost half your health gone and maybe 3/4 if you're Storm (assuming opponent has pierce jewels and Malistaire gear). So my advice for you is to watch a lot of Prodigious ranked matches to get a feel as to the pace of the matches and also to learn strategies different players of different schools employ. Also I would advise you if you do choose to PvP with your max death to have full Malistaire gear or Krokopatra hat/Rattlebones' robe and Malistaire's shoes, Malistaire wand/hoard pack wand. Athame is a personal preference. Having those I believe is OBLIGATORY if you choose to do PvP as you'll quickly find your rank doing down without it.

Strategy wise I can't help because my death isn't max yet. Hopefully others will comment theirs.

Feb 08, 2009
Pvp at max level can be a challenge because you need all the right gear if you want to go to high ranks. Currently one of the most popular death strategies is jade-juju (Although this is hated by many players and matches can take hours). If your looking for other strategies I would look up some videos or check on this fansite: http://www.duelist101.com/ (Also death is currently mid tier in this meta so it may be a harder class to play as compared to ice, life, balance or fire.)