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How do I get higher ranked pvp rank?

Mar 06, 2014
I have been on my level 60 and I also have a level 5 my level 5 myth lost his first match can any of you warlords of pvp help? I have just been losing on my death all day and i started my myth to get to warlord but i am a private so how can i win? Thanks, Adam SoulCaster level 60 Adam soulcaster level 5

Jul 13, 2010
Ok, for legendary, the BEST SET of gear. Water work hat, robe, walord wand boot, duelist athame n ring, and a critical pet with double resist n damage. It work amazing for me, i even have one on leader board in the 500's

but since u probabky dont have that.
Get full waterwork gear
The bear claw athame n ring from bazaar or craft the athame n ring from vestrilund in wintertusk.
Then hatch a pet with double resist

After that u should have about 40-43 resist
And 60-80 damage

Which should make pvp allot easier