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How come so few players available in pvp?

Jun 02, 2009
With the recent KI announcement of 10 million players, it caused me to wonder how the number of available pvp players is determined. For example, I went on ranked 1v1 PVP yesterday, and the que showed only 31 available matches Is there an "geographic area" restriction on the pool of potential matches? Obviously, there should be more than 31 available players, if there are millions of players. I know even if 1% of them are on line when I am and then 1% of those 1% want to do 1v1 PVP, it would still be at least 1,000. I live in New Orleans, so am I matched up against others in the general geographic area? ( I doubt it, since I chat vs others who comment about where they live). Perhaps I am missing something.

Aug 12, 2009
agreeded there are never enough ranked pvp battles o and by way WHO DAT!

Dec 20, 2008
This one is easy to answer. About a year ago treasure bolting and chain stunning were running rampant. Many of the top players finally had enough and quit the game. Then they put in stun shields but people quickly found a way around that and now 4v4 is about 95% made up of chain stun teams so nobody plays it anymore and 3v3 is starting to go that route. Since many people want to duel with their friends and cannot they have either stopped dueling or quit the game. They finally took out trading enchanted cards but even that is a little late since many people moved on.

If KI does not do something about all the stunning then the arena will just be 1v1 and 2v2 with all the teenagers taking up the 4v4. The worst part is the chain stunners already have full gear from cheating and literally do it because they like to hear people complain. They are total disgraces to the game.

Feb 15, 2010
You know... Many players are...

Having partys:probably 12%
Doing quests:44%
Farming bosses:20%
Doing pet races:6%

I'm guessing those would mostly be what players do anymore,what with the chain-stunning anymore.

Jun 02, 2009
Yes I understand the chain stunning has made 4v4 a wasteland. I was referring to the 1v1, where chain stunning is not a problem.

Dec 20, 2009
25wizstars wrote:
Yes I understand the chain stunning has made 4v4 a wasteland. I was referring to the 1v1, where chain stunning is not a problem.

Well chain stunning can be worked also in 1v1

Chain stunner-Choke




Chain stunner-Choke


Chain stunner-Atack


Chain stunner-Choke

Until you know who wins since choke is fire second most powerful the rest of the schools other than storm go bye bye and its officialy chain stunning in what they do in 2v2.So there is your problem.

Apr 11, 2010
It must have something to do with where you live. I think region is an important factor in seeing however many people in the arena.

I play a LOT of PvP, and sometimes right after finishing a match, I would make another and end up fighting the same opponent, but would not in any way even see that person at the registering book to go again. Yet somehow I am facing them. Surely they do not have automatic registration :p

So it must be about how many people are playing where you live. While it may say something like, 40 in 1v1, it could be so many more, but in different areas.