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How are they getting these strong spells?

Jun 30, 2012
Extremely sorry if this is in the wrong format or wrong section, this being my first post.
Well, I was playing with my friend in a Practice Match, and the match was and (my team) versus another team with and . Or that is what I remember. We easily took out the myth and noticed that the Fire wizard was gathering max pips. When the wizard reached those pips, he released a spell with insane damage. I was surprised by this, the match having a max level of 17. I thought immediately, This spell must be relative to chimera, having 3 heads and all separate amounts of damage. (about 17, then 1000, then 1000) Again, I am trying to remember this, not being the exact damage values. I thought, Oh, this must be a treasure card.. but then again, it was a practice match, and why waste a high level treasure? And, where would one get that card of such high level, and what was it? We were defeated easily.

Feb 06, 2010
I have no idea and maybe he shopped for power pip gear?

Jul 15, 2012
In the bazaar, it is possible for a wizard to get a treasure card higher than his/her level. Anyways, they probably had more of them, or just didn't WANT to lose a match

Robert Angleblade
Grandmaster Theurgist

Nov 26, 2011
Probably Bazaar and I do not know what spell they used, but I am gonna guess they used hydra. And the power pips are weird, maybe he had PvP gear on and other things that boost power pip chance?