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How a soft cap on rank could help PvP

Dec 16, 2009
Cross Posted From Central. Note: Edited for space issues and to focus on matchmaking alone.(Complete Thread Here) I wrote this thread 2 months ago in anticipation of a problem with KI's rank system. It seems the problem has reached a head and as such this is a potential solution that could be implemented.

KI has made many major changes to point distribution in the current ranked system. These point changes currently allow experienced players at the middle levels to achieve consistently high rank well over 1000+. While there is nothing wrong with this on it's own, if allowed to continue along the current trend it will lead to a breakdown of the ranking system and a general increase in lvl based mismatches. Already those at 1.5K+ are reporting matches where they are being matched with wizards 10-20+ lvls higher than they are. This is unfair to both the high-ranked warlords as they simply do not have comparable statistics and it is also unfair to the higher lvl wizards since those being matched with overlord wizards tend to be the least skilled players. In order to create a more consistent matching system I believe KI should implement a soft cap to rank. A soft cap to rank is in effect a maximum and minimum rank number that KI would use to calculate match-ups. It would be a "soft" cap by allowing your wizard to earn any number rank they can achieve but when calculating match-ups, all ranks outside of the cap would be rounded to the minimum and maximum for purposes of match creation.

Example- KI sets a rank cap at 1000 max rank and 400 min rank. A wizard with 2000 rank comes to the arena. Said wizard will be allowed to keep said rank and this rank will be displayed on the leaderboard: in other words the wizard would see no change. However upon entering the queue, the system would calculate his rank as if it was 1000(The maximum in this soft cap scenario) when searching for a matchup.

What would this accomplish?

1)A solid reduction to downranking- By establishing soft caps, players would no longer be able to manipulate the system to achieve massively unfair matchup's by downranking to 0. Coupled with the new system currently in place, downranking would be absolutely ineffective.
2)Preserved matching system and fairer matches- This would greatly reduce the number of mismatches beween overlord mid levels and legendary sub privates and would instead create a system where both are more likely to duel those within their respective lvl tiers.
3)Shorter match wait times- Since this system would constrain everyone within a narrower range, the chances of getting a fair match quickly would improve regardless of your rank.

Aug 28, 2010

I like this idea, and having a soft-cap on the wizards would really be a great help.
As it is, I just entered back into PvP with my brother's Level 90 Rank 500 Wizard.
I ended up Second to a Level 90, Rank 890 commander.... which was a balance...

The soft-Cap would not have helped me in this battle, but you got to have a hard battle
to adjust to the new pvp, I guess.

So, anyway, yes, locking out level 1000 and above into their own world of PvP is needed.
Maybe the can lock out Jade's into their own PvP world too..... just saying....

Nov 26, 2011
I agree, sounds like it might help PvP somewhat.