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Honor in the Arena

Sep 28, 2008
Since days of old when Knights gathered to fight in the arenas, it has been known as a place of honor and chivalry. What happened to the arenas. Now we enter and sometimes get yelled at for even being there or opponents resort to name calling and yes, the idea of what they are saying DOES get through your filters KI.

Some things said should not be repeated by kids but, and I am sure there are a few adults there too, it is mostly kids doing it.

I guess that I, after my time in service, see battles in a different light. There is still honor in the arena's and yes, if my opponents partner flees, I will either let my partner handle the fight or I will take it. But I will not allow a two on one in any arena I am in. It is unfair and goes against everything I stand for. After all, its not my opponents fault that his partner fled. Why should I then condemn him/her for someone else's actions?

Please, Kings Isle, look into what can be done to keep these arena's and the commons in check. The language alone is enough to turn my stomach and that is a hard task to do. Retired veterans have most times seen things they rather not mention. I understand that this is a child targeted game and, that being said, you need to look into either monitors who volunteer or monitors who are employees that will randomly pop around and check that all is as it should be.

Children should have fun and be children. Not call everyone names that would make a sailor blush. Your filters, as good as they are, fail in stopping most of whats happening. Something needs to be done and soon. Your move KI.

If you do go to volunteers, I will be the first to sign up. If you turn to employees than I hope its done soon.

James DeathHammer Level 48 Death
Honor and Glory in battle
No One gets left behind
No One

Dec 15, 2008
I for one am tired of all the taunting done during a match. I have turned off my chat and now see none of it. Thank Goodness.

~ Catyana

Feb 09, 2009
I'm gotten a bit tired of all the taunting as well. Since my team and I play in the same physical room we really have no need to type to each other.

More often than not I've found it really not worth it to try and talk to the other team. I'm tempted to just stop typing all together. We can just beat them in silence and let them cry.

Mar 11, 2009
I also dislike the taunting in the arena. I am always telling others to "be nice". Also, i agree about the fleeing. Myself and my 2 death wizard friends were in a 3v3 and two of the other team fled. I think it was because my friends are a master and a grandmaster and they were quite a bit lower.

Feb 07, 2009
I agree i have heard some things that would make a movie PG-13 or even R. i like that idea of monteers

~Alex Wldbeaker~
fire lvl 38

Feb 08, 2009
The simple answer/truth to this problem and this is general for all things in life is that children will be children. They "Will" and always "Will" find a way around things no matter the restrictions or barriers. It's what they do.

The best thing to do when entering a pvp match is to simply shut your chat off in all. That's what I've done a few times. I think KI has done a great job with their filtering but they are simply unmatched against kids. LoL. Sad to say but that's the truth.

I don't condone it. So as the children will say these days, "Don't get it twisted." Lol

Feb 13, 2009
I completely agree with you. The problems in the arena have made me get to the point that i very rarely compete in the matches anymore. I have been yelled at for teaming up with a friend to compete in 2v2 matches, and having more life or experience than the team we may be facing. I do not and cannot control who I am going to be facing, so why should I, and I know this is happening to other people, have to suffer the name calling and just the general unsportsmanship. What happened to, "It's just a game?" Have fun, that is what this is all about. And I will also gladly join any monitoring system if one is put in place, since I am a mother and do not want my kids to have to see some of the name calling and hurtful remarks.

Alura Pearlblade lvl 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Mar 02, 2009
While I have seen the occassional annoying taunter. I've also seen some duelers who are actually entertaining in their comments. Take the good with the bad.

Nov 26, 2008
I know what you mean i get called so many thing once i use my Frost Giant. It get really annoying that i am being called a cheater just because my best card also stuns. I also been called a noob for using tower shields and when i was a somewhat low level i was made fun of for using my minion in 1v1.

This gets really really annoying. I play games to basicly escape from the real world, my town area is slowly decressing in class and now that i have to go to the public school, i hear more bad words a day and insalting comments than a R rated movie. Then i come how to relax and play a game only to get insalted again. To make matters worse for me i have an anxiety problem ( i get upset easy over small things ). The last thing i need is more greif.

May 02, 2009
I think the taunting is funny. The other day at the start of the battle, all my opponent said was 'easy'.

I guess it wasn't as easy as he thought, because I won. :)

Personally, I'd rather have taunting than begging. I swear, there is more begging in the arena than there is on the down town street corners.

"I bet my dad I would win, and if I don't he will take away my XBox"

"Please let me win, I need to go eat dinner"

"If you let me win this time I'll let you win the next time we fight"

"Please let me win, I just need 10 more points to buy my item."

Seriously, have some dignity. Now I just say "ok" to shut them up, and then kill them anyway. :)