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Higher level battling

Dec 21, 2008
So I have read a lot of posts about people battling wizards that are higher level then them but you are higher rank then them. There is a simple response to all of this. If you reach a rank you can get gear and you do, then the battling of the higher levels is more unfair. Your health goes down very low and ice wizards could beat you easily. Also, the crown set, overlord and the other won with the triton robe gives health but not too much but gives great stats. That makes you a easy kill to them. So when you reach a rank you can get gear but you don't, that means you got great skill. Gear is for people that are just lucky they ranked up because our boosts can end up over powering your gear killing you easy and even easier, you get no health. My myth gear gives me 30% tough so I just get one blade, put up my bubble and you wont believe what you can do. Also, I was watching a video today a myth level 33 beating a fire grand. So the reason you are put up against the higher level is because you are higher rank making you prove you got great skill. Everything justs evens out when you think about it.

Luke ThunderShade
Grandmaster Conjurer
PvP Warlord

P.S. Does anyone happen to know what your rank points have to be to get to supreme Warlord like the Roland SilverHeart(cant remember that if that is his name).