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Higher Conviction Spell?

Dec 23, 2010
Conviction only gives an extra 95 block for 4 rounds.

I'm a magus, and when I verse a transcendent storm, I will lose within 1 or 2 rounds because I have 0% chance of blocking, plus the 90% damage will surely do mass.

I do my best to counteract the critical with Conviction, but then I lose the chance to put up a shield. And even with Conviction I probably will not block, so I'm dead.

So if I want ANY chance of survival, I'm suggesting a high conviction block, for about 2 pips or even more. Maybe around 150 block? what do you think?

And for those level 95 storm, it will help with their low block. But the new Conviction's pip price would be higher, so it would even out the advantage. What's your opinion?

Nov 18, 2011