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High levels have a tougher time

May 08, 2014
High levels are 50+ and they have a way tougher time than low levels because at a low level you don't have to worry about a level 1 warlord with way better gear while any level over 40 has to deal with low level warlords with 50 resist and if a high level gets to at least knight you then have to fight high level privates with way better gear.

So either way high levels have to fight people with way better gear unless if your a level 90-100.

And that's what annoys me is that if you start pvp at a high level you are gonna have a tough time even getting close to captain.
While low levels don't have to worry about a level 5 with way better gear and if they get to warlord they have a fun time cause they are fighting high levels with hardly any defense.
So however you think of it pvp is mostly for low levels.

Jul 13, 2010
And that is y many make new char.

But i dont really like low lvl where all they use is tc.
I love legendary pvp thou.

Is amazing n most of legendary vs legendary are not too much or too little. Too littke be low lvl n too much be lvl 90-100 with there stat.