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Help players in rank pvp

Oct 15, 2014
I think we should help each other in rank pvp.

When someone that is lvl 5 ask for help don't ignore her or him.

If you can trade treasure cards or help them get a better resist pet.

My fire wizard Ashley FireBloom will battle loremaster but she will go down to the rank pvp lobby to see if any wizards need any treasure cards if they do she will give it to them.

Low lvl or a High lvl doesn't matter to her.

Ashley Star my myth wizard that is lvl 5 might say GG instead of calling guy warlords pigs even if warlords lose to private wizards don't say they got lucky say GG because they beat you fair and square.

If you warlords want private wizard to say GG why don't you start it first. Don't say they got lucky when it not all luck.

We all need to be nice rank pvp was put there for fun. TC are allowed and I'm glad they are allowed.

Please try to be nice to those that call you names you don't have to report them at all.

Aug 20, 2011
Absolutely. I usually enjoy linking up with lower level players if they have a goal for improving at PvP, and being nice is a great strategy when you're faced with a lot of new people. Even if they're not all nice back to you, you will more than likely come away with some new friends.

Oct 15, 2014
Thanks you for commenting on this post

So you will help wizards in rank pvp?