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Healing in PvP should be banned!

Jul 31, 2009
ZoeC010 wrote:
mpork wrote:
In PvP there is allot of people who just heal and keep healing and healing and it is annoying to have to be close to killing someone and then they heal and then they win mostly. I am also trying to be a warlord and i can't do that because i always lose because of healers. I am a veteran and i keep winning and then being down ranked by healers and it is annoying. Hopefully healing could be banned for life wizards because when you are so close to winning the life wizards ALWAYS heal. :?

Just out of curiosity are you a storm?

I think you can figure that out on your own.

Jun 17, 2009
DanielThunderFlame... wrote:
this is the most noobish pvp post i have ever seen. maybe you should just kill them in one shot so they cant heal!!!!!!!

I Agree

Mar 14, 2009
Fixables wrote:
If they ban healing, then they should ban attacking, and shielding

If it were so, then everyone would be storm (biggest and fastest damage).

It is a part of the game. It requires strategy to win. Work on it.

It's things like Critical and Polymorphs which are disrupting PVP.
no sir, critical doesnt always work, its fabulous, and its very fair, healing should NOT be banned, only continuous healing should, and for life, what else are they to do, its not like they have good attacks, its there JOB to heal, srsly dude, c'mon, : John RubySpear, lvl 60 Fire, Pvp Captain