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halaurius pvp story

Dec 05, 2012
my private wizard and another private balance wizard fought a comander and a girl that was a high rank and high level. i killed them both myself except for almost to hundred damage my teammate did that got almost completely healed and they didn't even do one damage to either of us and it was ranked pvp and i was one of the worst pvp schools () and actually killed both with my teammate helping barely and only did a few hundred damage to one of them (actually more they just got healed allot) and they didn't even get to hit one damage on either of us.

Jan 20, 2009
called luck bro called luck. and or maybe they just had a friend who didn't play the game do the battle for them. its is kind of hard to hit and kill a high level in one shot. I mean did you have blades and traps. Daniel firebreaker level 95

Dec 05, 2012
yes i did use blades. i took out one in one hit and i killed the other barely with the over time damage.