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Greetings, I'm a Lvl 16 Tearing up lvl 30+'s

Mar 28, 2010
Greetings, I'm new to the game ( about a week) and new to these forums, all though I have been lurking since day one and hope to become a regular contributor.

I'm sad to see all the different forms of crying about pvp unbalance/certain spells. It seems like no matter what MMO you play, there are people who can't hang and constantly want the game dumbed down for them.
( WoW for instance giving what used to be hard to get gear in easy dungeons now, reason why I quit. So many fail people cryed/)

Anyways, I decided to go DEATH ( like being the badguy :P) and I'm quick to catch on to gamess so I spec'd into LIFE for the absorb shield, ( Tower shield next.)

What is everyone's problem which pvp? Wild bolts? lol, Treasure cards? Lol. Beating lvl 30+'s who use 5 or more treasure cards there level? Eazymode.

I've decided to take a non treasure card stand. ( except what drops from mobs if I HAPPEN to run out of cards)

I think its hilarious when I pwn high levels just using my basics spells ( I'm very good at stacking +dmg and being unpredictable)

I'm currently a knight and my pvp stats is 34-7.

People need to learn to step it up, and stop crying.

Hope to see you guys in the arena ( been pvp'ing at 16 for a bit now, gonna level up to say 26 soon)

Take care!

stop qq'ing.

-Andrew Deathflame

Dec 15, 2008
Dec 23, 2009
You're not dealing with the cream of the crop in Wizard 101 though. There is PvP here, but I consider it "PvP lite". I came from WoW as well, where I was always able to find a couple other people to do arena with and climb up to gladiator.

I'm here to wean myself off of MMOs, and this is the last logical step before I quit cold turkey.

Honestly, don't feel too great about winning here because you're not exactly tackling the upper echelon of PvP talent out there.

Feb 27, 2009
If you just started, then how much do you actually know pvp-wise? Your acting like you know everything about the game when you say you're a 16. Thats hard to believe.

Nov 07, 2008
IamLezul wrote:
If you just started, then how much do you actually know pvp-wise? Your acting like you know everything about the game when you say you're a 16. Thats hard to believe.

I agree with you. I have been here since the game started and now have 5 level 50s and one level 49 (almost to 50) and it took me till my 4th 50 to learn everything. And yes I do mean everything. So Tekneekz25 dont go around claiming to know everything when you just started.

Oh and to addto what I said if anyone has a question I will answer.

Oct 12, 2009
Dec 15, 2008
sparkboy187 wrote:
The REAL competition is in the 45+.
heck yeah. get to master(like a 40+) and to grandmaster then duel. good luck, youll need it. this is where the pvp competition truly lies.

Daniel Stormstaff
lvl 44 diviner

May 29, 2009
Hello fellow Death Wizard

I myself as a low level wizard found it very easy to win before level 30ish, since most the time your vs younger players. I was up to captain in no time and if I was smarter, would of went ahead and got my warlord gear at low level like so many do. But once you get with the high leveler players, can get hard at times. SO before you level up, get your warlord gear my brother!

Good Luck and Let Death Rule!

Apr 03, 2010
Hi there. I have also just started but have some experience with online pvp. Death does seem good but to be honest if you think it outshines all the other schools I think you may be surprised.

I would say absorb shield (if you mean spirit armour) is of limited value given pip to protection ratio. 3 pips for 400 health vs 400 heal for 2 that everyone has or 300 for 1 from sprite.

With enough + hit chance storm can do the fastest damage while fire and balance have the best single target damage (I think balance > fire since judgement is easier to buff then heck hound).

Myth has the most powerful easy to summon minions while death has the most powerful for 14 pips and healing off of damage is nice but all schools can get that and feint.

To be honest the only thing I agree on with the OP is that tower shield is so good. If I were to say a best school, taking into account hit chance, health and spells, I would say Balance but then Ice can just ward up, steal wards and stun then again Life's Regenerate looks like the best value spell pip wise in the game.

So really I reckon any school could be used well but then I have only played one day (level 16 Sorcerer) so probably know very little. :)

Apr 29, 2009
You aren't the only one mad about people using treasures. i can beat them anyways but if i ever lose to somebody using a treasure card(s) it pisses me off. as a grandmaster ice i can beat most people but i have lost to noobs using treasures they shouldn't have, i think KI should ban treasures in pvps.

Oct 11, 2009