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Going first is NOT fair.

Apr 03, 2010
I think the concept of going first in pvp is a HUGE advantage. Every time you dont go first, you automatically get stunned by a storm lord and/or frost giant.

My soultion to this is giving the team that goes second a stun shield at the start of the game. Being first, you can easily chain stun even after the update.

Aug 21, 2009
an extra pip or a stun shield to the team that goes second would help a lot but does not get around the first team seeing what cards the second team plays upon it before choosing their next cards while the team that goes second can't avoid such cards with such advance play knowledge

I favor giving ice school a stun shield that when cast goes upon all team members rather than simply self. I also favor dispel protection charms that can be used to avoid dispellations and damage reductions and decreased casting percentages before being so affected. Additionally I favor earthquake being adjusted so that it does not remove stun shields (pve creatures don't try to chain stun, so the entire chain stunning issue is pvp only and therefore should be addressed and stopped).

Jun 09, 2009
It is an advantage, I know I was about to beat an ice guy I was going to attack, I also knew he was gonan beat me, So luckily he fizzled and I won, I had less then 100 health left.