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Gltiching (Possibly with Heck Hound)

Apr 09, 2011
- Ok so first of all I was in a pvp and this girl uses heck hound on me, doesnt kill me I ended up killing her but it said she won.
- Also with another guy, he "heckhounded" me and he should have won, but it glitched and brought me back to life when i was clearly dead so I ended up winning
- On another note, the spell cloak has glitches, such as changing value of ward or charm, being able to see it when someone cloaks something on you, and changing the spell all together (with the changing spells I cloaked an entangle and it showed up as a weakness and activated as a weakness), I would like to make sure that these glitches are addressed and fixed asap - they are making me not want to PvP anymore.

Feb 16, 2011
These are two real issues that I've experienced as well.

For example, a couple nights ago, while doing 2v2, I cast a cloaked life dispel, and my friend (who does not have life dispel trained) cast a cloaked infection on the same person. Well, the animations for that turn started playing, and it showed me casting a cloaked infection, and my friend then casting the cloaked life dispel (which he didn't even have).

In another recent 2v2 match, I put up a cloaked tower shield, and that same turn, the opponent used a TC Ice Angel with Infallible TC up. The tower cast as a 30% shield, and then when the ice angel hit, the tower was removed as a 10% shield. Some good people on Central did further testing after someone else had the same problem with a basilisk and infallible, and we came to the conclusion that the shield piercing from infallible wasn't playing nice with the cloak.

Health Jumping
In 1v1, I went 2nd to a promethean fire who used a Blade Stack --> Trap Stack --> Shatter --> Efreet strategy.
The efreet hit me for around 5000 damage (I was at full health with about 4000 health). But at the end of the turn, I suddenly had about 1500 health and all my pips were still there. This happened at least twice against two different wizards, both using efreet.

Going 2nd in a recent 2v2, we got hit by an Ice Angel. The initial hit didn't do much, due to shields, but since we went 2nd, we got hit with the 1st tick immediately. It knocked me down to 2 health, but worse was that it just skipped my turn. I had anticipated the hit and cast a heal that turn, but I just got skipped. My friend did die from the first tick. Then, at the end of that turn, while I still had 2 health, the game just ended and the results screen came up.

Honestly, with far greater problems in the PvP system right now, these smaller things are the least of my worries. I definitely do not intend for this post to be a rant. I just wanted to affirm that you're not the only one experiencing this.

Apr 09, 2011
Yeah I understand as well that there are bigger problems, but when it invovles whether or not you lose your rank I want it to be fixed.