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Giving Arena Tickets Some Love

Nov 05, 2013
Ok totally not related to Wizard City but I have nowhere else to put this, we, the players of w101, should be able to sell stuff. I know we already can and stuff, but can we sell it, to get arena tickets?
I honestly think this is a good idea. It would increase the amount of crowns bought. Why? Bundles. Bundles give you some reagents and snacks, which are bought/used with arena tickets.
Another idea for it is you cant sell them at the bazaar. Why? The bazaar is a place everybody shops at. Plus, it increases the gold you get when you sell an item. For this reason there should be special shop (somewhere in wizard city, acessable for everybody) somewhere in wizard city. It should have atleast a 50%- what the bazaar would sell it for.
And my last, but not least, idea is, is the arena bazaar. It would be a place to sell your arena-ticket-bought items. And of course, they would have to be bought in arena tickets.

This is just an idea to give arena tickets more love. Because gold is getting boring. And I dont wanna waste my crowns and gold on getting armor/ranks/etc..

Just An Idea,
Saffron, Level 36 Wizard (currently in Mooshu)