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Gear for a Level 90 Life Wizard

May 23, 2009
Hello, I'm Stephen Battlesword a level 92 Life Wizard

This might sound weird but I need some help with gear set up including wand athame and ring too.

So far I am wearing:

Hades Helm of the Abyss

Cape of Espirit

Boots of Espirit

Wand: Poseidon Trident/Raven's Storied Blade/ RunningBucks Razor
I am open to any suggestion currently I am doing the Zafaria Crafting Quest My gear isn't great so that is exactly why I am looking for advice.

Feb 03, 2013
It's always hard for me to chose which gear I want to battle with. Now I'm not level 90 yet but I am nine levels away (level 81) and I usually wear my waterworks gear, but now I can see that they are adding more beneficial gear for you Khrysalis questers I would say if I were level 90, keep the gear you have. It sounds very helpful, but don't try to get the full Hades' gear, as many people have stated. Waterworks has really good gear, and crowns gear only helps before you become level 60. Life wizards heal a lot too, so you may want to find a buddy to quest with and you could combine your powers to defeat bosses and street monsters. If I am wrong, please forgive me. But it sounds like your clothes are ok, but try looking at our amulet, athame, and ring. Sometimes that's the main problem. Hope this helps!

Ashley Griffin Level 81

Feb 18, 2010
This is my friends gear (Might be wrong, this is from memory)

Helmet: Hades one (you're wearing)

Robe: I think it's the hades one too.

Boots: Crafted from azteca (One that gives 93 block, 7 resist and ice+life damage)

Pet: 10% resist 6% damage 6% accuracy (This combined with boots gives you 9% accuracy to life) The rest is up to you, I'd recommend a may cast heal and more damage for life

Wand: The one from hades that gives a bunch of critical and a bit of pierce

Amulet: Any which fits you

Athame: The one from Cronus/Gladiator (forgot which is which)
Ring: The one from Cronus/Gladiator (forgot which is which)

Deck: Don't worry too much about deck, a good one would be the ones that give a bit of extra damage (From khrysalis)

All this together would bring you to the stats around 76% damage, around 30% resist, 99% accuracy for life, 340 something critical, around 166 critical block, about 31% incoming and around 17% outgoing and a fair amount of pierce for life.

^ Them stats are amazing, you can solo a lot of things with this gear + a good deck and a good strategy. I plan to use this set up once I'm around your level :P

95 Angus Ghostriver
59 Blaze Lifebreeze

May 23, 2009
Thanks guys any pets to recommend for those stats?