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Fun with PvP

Dec 14, 2009
Having listened repeatedly to all the numerous threads and complaints about PvP, I decided to give it a try and see for myself. I played 10 matches with my grand storm and purposely played nothing but "wild bolts" to garner reactions. I won 8 matches and lost 2. Here is a summary of what I discovered:

1) No one at all complained about the bolts, i had the good fortune of playing with people who were there just to have fun and enjoy the game. <like me>
2)Most of the matches were even. I was pitted against people of my level and similar ranking <private>. I was ranked against 2 lower 20's in 2 matches though. I gave them the option of me conceding,but they didn't mind and just wanted to play.
3) My two loses...One was a myth wizard of my level ranked veteran who was loaded with storms shields and dispels. I barely did 500 points damage to him before he cleaned my clock.The other was a death wizard captain who had the pleasure of seeing me fizzle 6 turns in row with wildbolt! <lol>. He called me the Fizzle Master.We both laughed and I agreed. He nuked me with his wraith.
4) One match the guy came out roaring 1st 2 turns,while I was fizzling. He laughed and said he was going to put the match on YouTube for whatever reason. He changed his mind when he lost. He was a bit arrogant, but nothing like some of the posts I have heard.
5) I was hoping to see some judgments and stunning,but alas I did not.
6) All in all it was a very pleasurable experience,and not fraught with any of the complaints I hear about.
7) The only real problem <aside from the 2 mismatches in levels> I see in PvP is centered around 3 different mindsets that are all thrown in the pot together,and then chaos ensues. a) Hardcore gamer- these are the select few in number who will settle for nothing but a win,and any spell combo/method(chain stun,etc) is acceptable toward reaching that goal. b)casual gamers- probably the bulk of the players who want good and friendly matches, using creative decks,but shunning the extreme(chain stuns,etc). c)novice-Mostly younger players who fill their decks up with whatever cards they have available,and hope for the best. There is nothing wrong with any of these groups, or their methods,but the problem is they are all facing each other with different goals and mindsets,thus all the problems you hear about.
KI has the unenviable task of trying to placate everyone in this respect,and it simply cannot be done. My only suggestion would be to keep letting them know what you like/dislike,and let them decide,and then live with it. Whatever the outcome, I see no reason for the vehemence in some of the posts about it. I can also guarantee that if I delve into this foray again.......I will lose no sleep over getting bolted,chained,judged,etc. I suggest others do the same. :)

Dec 14, 2009
I just wanted to add an update from my original post......all those matches were non-ranked so I decided to try the ranked ones.Here is how they went:
1) I was 3 wins and 6 losses in ranked single play. I ended up still being a private with 476 points i think it was. It was actually a better showing than I expected,since I threw my deck together in like 5 mins. lol
2) still didn't see a stun of any kind
3)I did face a Judgement and yes, he won! I didn't think it was unfair in anyway though. I had 2 chances to kill him and they both fizzled.
4) most people i was matched up with were polite and used good strategy.
5) I did face one guy who was Death i think,and started shouting Pwned,and Noob when he won,but I found it to be humorous,and not the least bit upsetting. And he was partially right, technically I was a noob. :) Though he hardly could claim pwnage.
6) I still saw nothing that was worth getting upset over,and deserving of the anger I have seen from so many posts. I would suggest if it does upset you this much,then why do it? Happy PvPing to everyone! :D