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Full price of tournament while on membership

Sep 20, 2011
So today I went to check the tournaments to join and what was my surprise that I have to pay 849c instead of the normal 400 something when you are in membership.

My membership expires on the 22/12/13 so still few days to go and even I already cancelled it, the cancelation doesnt take place until that date 22/12/13.

Can anyone tell me what is happening? I really need help quick because I only have few days left and also one or two tournaments that i can join due to the time zone.

Please KI answer me and tell me what is wrong


Sep 20, 2011
Oh my gosh! LOL
Well I found what was the problem XD so embarrasing but please ignore my first post.

I was checking tournaments with the account where i have only wizard to storage treasure cards, only lvl 1 or lvl 2 wizards XD

When I click to join it is when i saw my mistake, when it told me that I had to be at least lvl 10 to join, so it is when i realised i was with my other account LOL