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Fizzles Rock!

Dec 29, 2009
I had nowhere else to post this. It is not exclusive to PVP ...

Now I love this game, but ...

I am getting so tired of losing because of so many fizzles in one battle. I was doing pretty well in the dueling arena. More wins than losses. Now Suddenly I fizzle atleast 3 times in a batlle sometimes 4 and my opponent never fizzles once (this is true). Even when I have built up my pips and the opponent only has a few it occurs. This has happened several duels in a row now and Ive gone from Sergeant back down to private and cannot even climb back up ... Worse than that the boss fights and field fights alike, we can fizzle out 2 or three times in a battle when we could have ended it and yet the enemy creature almost never fizzles more than once ... This is really getting frustrating. I have never played a game in my life that has such a consistent failure of spells. Something really needs to be changed in order to decrease how many times a player fizzles. Especially once we have reached the higher levels. (In addition, when 2 or 3 fizzles hit in row is honestly ridiculous)

Id like to run a petition to make changes and adjustment accordingly ...

Thank You