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Sep 06, 2008
Fizzleing may just be a random thing because as a level 45 necromancer I do not fizzle that often.

Mar 09, 2009
Airiana wrote:

That is a big problem that most diviants have. I read somewhere online that to stop this problem click on the light area around them. I myself have not tried this yet but hopefully it works. Good luck

I read that as well, but I have yet to try that.

Apr 10, 2009
fizzleing is part of the game. i am a storm myself so i have fizzled a bunch but that is so storm spells which do a ton of damage cant dominate a match. it is really just a system of balance . however, i noticed some 90% life spells almost never fizzle at all and my myth with 80% fizzles more than storm 70%. am i the only one getting this :-o

David Thundergem lvl 48 diviner

Jun 06, 2009
Damage per pip and overall damage are both important attributes.

I've been playing my storm mage for about 6 hours, fizzling a little more than 50% of my spells that have 70% accuracy in this session. Using someone in storm spell, I do expect to lose fights because of fizzling, that's the downfall of storm school. However, the past week or so I've been noticing that the percentages given are not what is turning up over a long scale. Could be I'm unlucky. My Sorcerer with +3% accuracy fizzles his sprite spell (93% accuracy) about one in five times (roughly 80%). A minor inconvenience most of the time, but certainly not complying with the statistics that the game offers. Likewise, I've noticed that certain spells (namely pixie) are either loaded into the top or bottom of a deck, not distributed evenly. In about 3/4 of my fights with various character,s I've had all of the pixies either in the first 10 cards of a deck (using decks with 30 or more cards), or all in the last 15, but not distributed evenly.

Also, I think that fizzled spells should not be put into the deck after you fizzle them. But that's another discussion.

Dec 29, 2008
killtyme2 wrote:
Also, I think that fizzled spells should not be put into the deck after you fizzle them. But that's another discussion.

This will put Storm at a very very disadvantage position. If i fizzle 50% this means 50% on my deck is useless., which means only 3 of my lord and triton really will hit.

Going back to tapic, you may want to use keen eyes to boost your attack. Storm also has accuracy boost spell. It is there for a reason. I dont use it, i prefer to make a treasure of my biggest attack. It gives me more cards in the process and higher percentage accuracy.

Grandmasters - Storm(Warlord), Death (Warlord), Life(Captain), Balance (Knight)
Magus - Myth

Jun 22, 2009
being fire and life has been a challange with fizzles, but i do have to wonder if i buy armor with accurcy, would that help my spells?

Jun 19, 2009
I will start by admitting I haven't been playing W101 very long. I think I'm at six or seven weeks total, but I have noticed over the last week that even on Life spells with 90% accuracy, wearing crowns gear that gives me a 1% global accuracy boost, spells like Centaur and Seraph fizzle much more often than they did even a week ago. I used to be able to count on Centaur and Seraph for a guaranteed hit with only the occasional fizzle, but in the last week, those cards are fizzling as bad as my Storm cards like Kraken and Stormzilla. They have 20% more accuracy on the face of the card, but they're fizzling way more often than they were. And my Storm cards are a travesty, only successfully hitting maybe 50% of the time, rather than the 70% that's printed on the face.

I'm not the only one who has noticed this, either. I have several offline friends who play as well, with other schools (Balance, Myth, Ice, and Fire), and they've been talking about how much more frequent fizzles are than they used to be. I'm not one to really complain about game mechanics... Normally I just take it as "that's how a game goes" but something has been off lately.

Not sure if anyone really even cares about this, but I figured since I saw someone else complaining, I'd get my two cents in, too.

Jun 16, 2009
Are you a storm wizard? Storm magic fizzles the most, I heard that you can decrease fizzling by buying a pet.

Apr 26, 2009
I i am a fire wizard and the more my clothes give me accuracy the more i seem to fizzle.

Jun 27, 2009
I know a lot of people are complaining that the actual results of 10 castings are 6 success in 10 for example and the accuracy is better that that, but this is totally possible. Spell accuracy is for the individual cast, not overall casting.

So for Death, the chances of Spell's fizzeling is 85%. That means the chance of 2 spells fizzeling in a row is 15% * 15% or 2.25% 1 of the spells fizzeling is 25.5% and both spells succeeding is 72.25%. The success rate therefore could be less the 8.5/10 very easily.

That said, it does seem like since the Grizzelheim update, more of my spells have fizzeled, but could be just the way it feels. It all depends on how the numbers the random number generator is creating behind the scenes.

May 19, 2009
Sep 21, 2008
alemorg2630 wrote:
I have a big complaint about the amount of fizzle lately as a player I have gotten lately. I have lost several PVP matches due to fizzle, where I was a corporal and now busted down to private because of 3 fizzles in a row where I could have defeated my opponate if I had not fizzled the amount of times I had. I did not fizzle this much when I first started this game and the amount of fizzle has increased since I have played.
Can we do something about this?

I'm sorry.. but you chose storm or fire. I am not a supporter of fizzles outside of pvp but a STRONG supporter of fizzles in pvp! I would not like it if you just put a blade and one hit me. There has to be a challenge for you, storm folk. If you could just say "Bipiti Bopiti Boo" and everything came true, what is the point of the game

Dec 28, 2009
Tgrable wrote:
I posted this in another thread, but its definatly worth a look regarding fire and storm wizards.

From your posts I'm guessing you do not play a High level Fire or storm wizard and are just harping on anyone getting a accuracy boost. If you want to openly object to anything suggested that is your right, but you are harping on post that have valid points.

As it stands. Every class has a strong point and a weak point. If you look at the classes and break them down into weaknesses you will see that while most wizards (all but two) have 1 real strength and 1 real weakness. Storm and fire are the ONLY schools who do not fit this profile. Storm and Fire wizards are the only schools who have 1 strength and 2 weaknesses

Balance- Average damage High survivability High Accuracy
Myth- Average damage High survival High accuracy
Life- Low damage High survival High accuracy
Death- Medium damage High survival high accuracy
Ice- Medium damage High Survival High accuracy
Storm- High damage Low survival Low accuracy
Fire- High damage low survival low accuracy

Notice a trend here?

The other schools are basically balanced on strengths and weaknesses. These are just a basic run down of where they stand but it suffices to prove my point

All the schools have the ability to deal high damage with certain spell combinations, but I left those out of this. All the other schools have high survival be it from High HP, Crazy good shields (frost,balance) The ability to heal etc...

All of the schools except fire and storm have good accuracy.

Lets take the Lowest damage school and the highest damage school and average their damage over a 100 spell casts of their biggest attack.

Storm- Stormzilla 650-730
Life- Centaur 515-595

We will now take the average damage done on this spell

Stormzilla - 690
Centaur- 555

Stormzilla x 100 (casts) = 69,000 damage. we won't consider traps or blades. 69,000 X .70 ( Non-fizzle chance) = 48,300

Centaur x 100 (casts) =55,500 X .90 (Non-fizzle chance) = 49,950

Now lets throw in some blades/traps. Only 1 blade and trap per!

Storms Blade = 30% trap = 25%

Life blade = 40% trap = 25%

Once again we will use the average damage of

Storm - 690 X 1.30 (Blade) = 897 x 1.25 (trap) = 1121
Life - 555 X 1.40 (blade) = 777 x 1.25 (trap) = 971

Once again over 100 casts

Storm 1121 X 100 = 112100 X .70 (chance to not fizzle) =78,470 Damage
Life 971 x 100 = 97100 X .90 (chance to not Fizzle) = 87,390 Damage

This same thing happens to fire. Over the course of 100 rounds (used to balance the Fizzle % chance) You see that

No traps , No blades

Storm did 48,300 damage
Life Did 49,950 damage

Why is the highest damage school being out done by the lowest?

1 Trap, 1 blade school specific.

Storm did 78,470 Damage
Life did 87,390 Damage

Once again why is the highest damage school losing to the lowest damage school?

Now we see that life ( the lowest damage school) can out damage storm ( the highest damage school) but what else do we need to note.

Storm (and fire) Give up their Health and Fizzle Rate for this supposively higher damage.. the problem is they arent even doing the HIGHEST DAMAGE. We have schools with more health, better shields, absords, heals, accuracy doing more damage than the schools that sacrifice all those things for it.

Is the system broke? Maybe not. Is the system balanced? Definatly not.

Theoretically, you're right, but practically, you're not. It is not set in iron that if you cast 10 life spells, only 1 of them will fizzle. Sometimes, none will, sometimes 3 will. It all depends on luck. And besides, no one can survive that many centaurs and stormzillas. The immediate damage of Stormzilla is higher. Also, as someone pointed out, Stormzilla also costs less pips, so that would also throw your calculation off.

Dec 15, 2008
Apr 24, 2010
WELL,personally, I have a bad time, but I've found a way that usually works for me. I found that if you put it on the lowest quality setting, and click on the person's name(helps with clothes accuracy boost), your accuracy goes up by like it feels 8 or something. Plus stormzilla hat that just came out, it has 81, YES, 81% accuracy! :) (Not on topic)I find it the more of my friends online(filling in the stars by their names and exchanging help works more) gives me ore power pips. It, now that I remember, it feels like fizzle goes up a little, like 1%(storm going back to 80% :( aww)). That may just be my wizard, but it's worth a shot.

Dolan Ogrerunner
Lv. 36 Death plz friend