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Fixing Ice School.... where ice went wrong

Aug 21, 2009
When all the mid and high damage schools recieved attack all cards and upon all traps and blades, ice school recieved upon self only protection type shields. This was definately a mistake as it weakened ice players in comparison to characters of the other schools. Balance got the blade spell that casts upon everyone on its team, storm got a storm trap that casts on the opposing team (though storm normally doesn't use this storm also got tempest of which definately makes up for that), fire got meteors and the like (I never played fire but I admit that fire plays strong as shields are largely ineffective against it). It just seems that when the other schools of major comparison got attacks and attack boosts against all opponents, ice merely got protection shields for single person casts. To put ice on par with the other schools, ice should have spells that gives its entire side tower shields and damage absorption shields. This change would make ice players very welcome in normal player groups (there has been a lot of ice players who complained in the past that no one wanted to play with them) as well as in PvP.

Apr 08, 2009
I completely disagree
I have a lvl 50 ice warlord people want to 2v2 with me all the time.
Ice has blizzard ice blade frost giant steal ward frostbite wyvern and ice trap. Ice is a multipurpose school it has dot and attack on all enemies,and stun. It takes a different strategy for each school to win in the arena. You just haven't figured out an ice strategy

Ps tower shield too
Evan icefist grandmaster ice warlord

Feb 14, 2009
The only thing wrong with ice is it's ACCURACY myth does more damage yet by the time of grandmaster myth has 90% and ice has 85%. The base is suppose to weaker attacks = greater accuracy. Ice breaks the rule.

Mar 09, 2009
There is nothing wrong with ice. Use blades and traps, and with decent clothing, you won't have a problem.
My ice deck is nothing but blades, traps and frost lords. I have not been beaten at all with this setup.

Ian Firehammer

Jul 21, 2010
ice hasnt gone wrong at all ice has the most health. ive seen storm wizards [no offense to storm wizards becuase i have 1] with 1/3 of my ice health. thats why our accuracy is 85%. ice also can stun blade trap unstun and shield. its your perspectives. if you want to look at it in a different way ice is the best in 1 on 1 battles seeing with blizzard, high health, minions, shields, traps, and stuns. if you reverse your words your also saying balance is the worst at single battles. finally the thing about ice wizards is while eveyrone else [again no offense] like fire and storm are dropping dead against Malistare an ice wizard can hold on around 9 turns longer than the others allowing them to heal everyone.

Jul 01, 2009
Ice actually has a hit all spell that is just like meteor strike. Blizzard! It also has giant which stuns it's enemies after it attacks, and ice specialty is not attack like storm is. It's actually defense. The advantage you have is that you can use tower shield which can defend against any school.

Jacob Dragonrider Lvl 49 Master Pyromancer