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Fix Puppetting, Please?

Oct 30, 2011
Today, in 2v2, my friend and I got paired with puppets. A level 70 fire, and a wizard at about level 5. We are level 33 and 36, at around 1100 rank. We had absolutely no chance. We were able to survive a rain of fire and 2 meteors, but the second rain of fire went critical and did 700 damage the first hit and 650 the rest. There is no way for us to survive this. We had knocked off the puppet and done around 1000 damage to the fire, but it really isn't possible to kill someone with more health, decent resist, extremely high damage, critical, and high power pip before they kill you. I thought kingsisle said that puppetting was fixed back at the beginning of the second age of pvp? The only fix they implemented was that you can no longer get tons of rating for having a rank 0 and a warlord fight privates of lower level. Puppetting is not fixed at all. It would be so simple to fix this, kingsisle could just put a level cap of the difference in level of people you can battle with of 10 or 20. Why has kingsisle not done this, or some other simple solution? There is no way to justify a level 70 facing level 30s that are not yet high enough rank to battle them. Conviction didn't work. I tried that. Plagues and weaknesses didn't work. Shields didn't work. Puppetting needs to be stopped, it is very unfair and pvp should be based on skill. Not cheating like this, or luck.