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fix matches or i am done with wizard101

May 09, 2009
Ok so me and my friend were doing pvp and we battled to people they were balance btw and we got bolted non stop and they were higher rank then us and they went first we lost like 21 rank :(. Do something about this it is to cheap the matches need to be more fair.

Aug 21, 2009
PvP needs fixed, it needs Wizard101 to rethink how PvP plays and spend time on fixing the issues concerning unfair advantages of going first and to redo the entire ranking system. This should be a top priority, the first priority should be in launching Celestia, but fixing PvP should be a close second.

Nov 07, 2009
I totally agree that pvp can be really unfair, when i was level 35(ish) i neded up against a level 50 warlord! There was o way i could've won that match unless the other guy fled. Ive also ended up against people several levels lower than me and fled cos i felt sorry for them.