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first off WILD BOLT is a hail Mary!

Jan 23, 2009
It is a shot in the dark a throw away. If you have two pips and the person has a tower shield or storm shield it is as good as having a storm wand spell but less likely to work.

At first I thought it wasn't worth loading and I still rarely use it. Mostly I use it to scare people into using all their shields and then i get rid of the shields with wand spells and storm elf.

Anyone who has to complain about wild bolt (or all things) needs to face the face that they cant fight. This isn't a quest this is pvp people who win are people who realized that this is a chest game. If you are a loser then stick to playing checkers.

Anyone who has ever played against me and win or lose knows I use wildbolt but its a "lucky shot" I wouldn't use it one after another unless I am using slight of hand make you think one thing and do another.

with only 10% accuracy and at the most even with an added 17% in gear and say a sniper to add kick and add another accuracy spell, you can use all that and still FIZZ.

So spare me. Can we please stop trying to make this game boring or you will stay and find yourself fighting a bunch of low levels like yourself.

honestly, the post about the guy who threatens to quit unless something is done is more or less childish. it the same kinda loser rules that forces everyone who plays in a baseball game to get a trophy win or lose. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF PLAYING if you have to dull down the game in order to enjoy it.

Your problem isn't wildbolt or judgement or any other spell. Your REAL problem is that you are no longer playing the game and you can never guess what a human being will choose. That's life. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose but if you want to whine than SERIOUSLY quit. Save the rest of from having to read your petty complains.

Calamity Mist grandstorm Wiz. Try me and I will kill you without using one wildbolt (which by the way ISN'T my strongest spell by far)

Alexandria Dreamheart! Fire Goddess, Still learning the ways of pvp as fire but I bet I could beat you whiners.

I also have life death ice and balance. All good.

Before you complain why dont you try using new schools learning to master them teaches you their weaknesses too.

But if you just rather complain till we are all exactly the same then do that but i have this feeling that all things being equal there would still be more complaints about the game NOT LETTING THEM WIN.