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Favorite spell combinations when dueling

May 19, 2010
I have discovered on accident a series of spell combos that if cast correctly make life in the duel easy for any fire wizard. Please keep in mind the following.
Do not attempt these combos unless you are level 8 or higher.

Before you try this strategy out make sure you have two things.

A: Fire School Wizard B. Fire School Wizard's 2nd Deck.

DO NOT Attempt this without Items A and B. You will Fail without these Items

1. have the following treasure Cards in your deck and make sure you equip them.
Three Fire Elves
Two Saraph's

Make sure you have the antiqued wand or another normal wand. DO NOT EQUIP a wand that gives you 6, 7, 8 cards etc. You won't need them.

Make sure you have learned the Normal Fire Elf spell, Fire Trap Card (lvl 10), and have Lightning and Ice Shields.

2. When duel starts and it is your turn do the following. Do not deviate.
(other wise you loose the duel)

Discard the newbie cards as they come up, ie.. beetles, scarabs, dark pixies, lightning snake etc. DO NOT DRAW from your treasure cards quite yet. You will in a minute or two. What ever you do, DO NOT Discard any fire elves or Fire birds.

Cast your shields and your traps accordingly. One shield to one trap as the fire cards go. For extra pips you want to cast the lightning/ice shields and pass until you get the max pips. Your Green fairies will be very busy.

When you reach max pips (hopefully you will be high enough level to get pwr pips) start casting the Fire elves. After you have cast two fire elves draw until you get a Saraph. Cast the Saraph.

Here is the kicker. If you cast 3 Fire Elves, 1 Saraph, and 1 Firebird you WILL decimate your opponent and win the duel in all likelyhood.

*******This strategy DOES NOT work very well against Life School wizards lvl 10 and up, however it will give them a run for their money. lol

Just keep in mind this is only ONE strategy I have come up with, however as long as you have fun, learn the strategy and perfect it you can use it against the Boss Fights. But ONLY IF you have a Life Wizards with you during those Boss fights.

This Strategy works well against unsuspecting Fire Wizards as well. lol.

Have fun everyone and remember be safe during the duels.