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Extremely cheap fizzling.

Dec 08, 2013
Whenever I get into a pvp match I always use my 85% accuracy spells. With my warlord staff its 95%. And you guessed it I fizzle all the time still. With a 5% chance of fizzling how is it possible that I still fizzle? I mean I am starting to think I just fizzle when the game senses I am winning because thats whats been happening in pvp and pve too! Ki needs to nerf this fizzle stuff. I understand its a mechanic in the game and its been here since the start but this is so cheap.

Mar 08, 2013
There is nothing wrong. It's just bad luck and bad timing. How often do you attack? The sooner you attack, the more often it will seem you fizzle.

When I pvp with my storm, that has about 85%-90% accuracy, it seems like I fizzle more because I basically attack every other turn. But with my ice, 90%-95%, I fizzle a lot less because I attack less often.