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Epic Fight

Jul 15, 2012
Today I had the best fight to date, and just want share :-)
Was me(balance 50, and a ice 50. We both have 2k plus ratting) vs a life 90 full jade gear and a storm 90.
They went first. There strategy was life keep myth dispell on us at all time, even tc. He would shield the storm and cure him as it need. And when storm was full blade, he earth is for the big hit. Well... I survive with little health as I cast a smal heal on my dead partner that was casting rebirth. So we were Greg again( we got a bit luck there) the fight when like that with us trying to survive. Until it we saw the open. 3 feints on the life( pet, death and tc) was a luck shot, as I did not have pierce, but he did not shield. He die. Not long after we got the storm. They were mad :-)
Us... We didn't believe we could actually win that fight, but it was awesome!!!! Oh ye... We also survive one of the times, because we had shields and when life cast earth on us, it fizzle ;-) so storm lost all blades in a sirens.