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Enough is enough

Dec 13, 2008
I have seen many of thousands of replys that are negative twords balance and wild bolt, well read this posters.
1. for those who hate balance at 1v1 and using judgement when they get full pips I must say it is completly fair. Now for those who just went "Hey! :x" I have beaten many of balance wizards that were using judge AND I'M FIRE! all i have to do is save pips and blast away with my allmighty heckhound after i used countless tower shields that i spent training points to get and i'm a warlord now about to get my commander robe. Storm guy says " Well we cant win without our treasure tower cards." well storm people have the highest attack so here's a tip to stop the whining. First start getting your hand ready by discarding or planing ahead. Second now when your foe uses a shield for storm or tower simply use a wand spell. Third Buff yourself RIGHT BEFORE YOUR ATTACK and then let loose with a tempest or storm lord or whatever you use and tada you win!
2. To end the fight over treasure cards being used by other schools for example a fire lvl 2 casting wild bolt, KingIsle please just add to the match set up screen the option of " Allow treasure cards?" and that would simply disable the Draw button on the fight screen.
3. For the issue of tickets and prizes I personally like the gear that we can get at the arena but the Magma Collosus, I simply see no need for that pet unless you have a no card pet and have a LOT of excess tickets.
Well thats it for this post, I hoped you liked this so until later wizards Ciao :-D!