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Efreet Was Made Wrong

Apr 18, 2010
I'm done here. I still think efreet is over powered, but due to the amount of people disagreeing with me, there is no point in continuing. KI isn't going to listen to just my lone words.


Mar 28, 2009
doudjy wrote:
Solstice64 wrote:
Your actually right mathematically, Efreet should be a 10 pip spell (or do 230 less damage.) Let me show you the math.

A 90% weakness is effectively a damage dispel, it makes a spell useless. So I would categorize a 90% weakness as a 2 pips spell.

Now 8-2=6, simple enough, so the damage of efreet should be the same as a 6 pip spell. Lets look at helephant, its average damage is 665, so efreet should be doing 665 damage, not 895 (230 more.)

thorvon65 wrote:
I think it is fair. I mean people complain about efreet all he time but really just wand the weakness off? And really if your going second just don't cast a big attack if you know they can efreet, just simple strategy is all.

Your absolutely right, you can counter efreet, but just because you can counter a spell means its fair? Lets say we gave storm back its old wild bolt, but made it 100% accuracy. You can counter it by filling your side deck with 85% storm shields, and wait till they run out, but does that really make the spell fair?

What are you talking about?? your argument, and I'm sorry to say that, makes no sense. Let's take an example...Medusa stuns for TWO ROUNDS!!! Not one, but TWO!!! so I guess medusa should be a 12 pips spell! Because choke(wich is the stun spell) costs 2 pips
so simple match 8+2+2=12!!
So do you also think that Medusa should be a 12 pip spell??
what about Levy that removes 2 blades, should that also be considere"steal charms"?? Cause that would make levy a 10 points spell!

The point is, the more powerful the spells get, the more diverse their powers become.

I'm so sick of this fighting over over powered spells and pvp not being fair! If you don't like it don't pvp. Honestly i'm a level 60 death wizard and if i get efreeted so? I just use a blade or sacrifice it off and get a heal in! You know every school has it pro's and cons if you don't like to stop pvping.

Level 60
Legendary Necromancer

Level 48
Master storm

Feb 18, 2011
Solstice64 wrote:
I'm done here. I still think efreet is over powered, but due to the amount of people disagreeing with me, there is no point in continuing. KI isn't going to listen to just my lone words.


I sort of have to laugh at how everyone that quoted you then you quickly replied , it seemed you HAD to win the argument? Basicaly the 90% weakness can be put of in diffrent ways then just wand spell, death "hurt-yourself"(idk what the proper name is) spells can be used, pet spells that give traps( only for the traps), fire hurt yourself spell, rank one spells in deck

May 01, 2010
I see where Solstice is coming from, its just that, even though no school is overpowered, doesnt mean one does better in pvp than another. efreet follows fires style, hit. recover. stack up. repeat. like all of the DoTs there is a dark pact amulet, empower treasure cards, etc. that you can use to counter our spell.

oh yea i meant to say this:
i am kind of the same way, i would argue with a brick wall trying to get it to move.

and also, i brought this up a while ago, but about the sacrifice minions, myth+efreet's weakness+shield minion+sap health(or myth equivilent)=400 health for one pip, and efreets weakness gone, for only 300 damage to minion. quite a steal eh

Sep 14, 2010