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Dueling things needed to be looked into

Apr 27, 2009
Leave Earthquake alone, it is just pure strategy for a myth wizard and anyone who uses it as a second class

May 31, 2008
I would like to point out that these are all stratagies at best. my friends and i are well equipped for PvP.

Now what i have come across is in a 4v4 or 3v3, There might be one master storm wizard which is a warlord. Think about it, that person worked hard for that rank by implementing strategies, both defensive and offensive. A common use strategy is that a Storm, Life, death and myth wizard can go a long way. For example, The Storm Wizard Attacks, the Life wizard heals and defends everyone, the death wizard can use Plague or scarecrow, etc, The myth wizard removes heals.

Recently, my 4-Strong Team used a good strategy, My friend, went first with a Scarecrow, Next came the Storm Lord, Scarecrow to heal myself, then of course, a Nice scald or Fire dragon. well, We got as far as the scarecrow then one the duel. we had stacked up a couple of blades and Storm lord killed them.

Every Class has a purpose, I have lost count of the number of times i have beaten a balance wizard. Keep Shielding. Elemental Shields - There, That knocks out most of there possible spells, power Play would help you, in most cases, they use Power Nova or Judgement. Now, This is the key strong point for balance, But remember, I have killed them simply by:

Cast a Potion to Prevent a Shield Build-Up.

buff myself with 1 or to blades

Use Wraith or Scarecrow. my myth friend might use earthquake which helps us.

My point is, what you are seeing is players which have mastered there school and are casting Effective Strategies. The question isn't are they overpowered? It is, Can you top that?

think about this in the arena: well played Strategies earn you good fair wins. I have won 10 times in a row at my best, I lost only ONCE because i fleeded from a Chain Stunning Battle, But that was only once, we faced them again, And We beat them. Everything you have talked about is fair.

Except maybe Chain Stunning, this is a pain, and the number of pips a stun costs should be looked at.


Edit: Made a Mistake :-P Chain Stunning Teams are usually myth,fire or Ice, So watch out, But remember, Do not become Skeptical and expect everyone to be a Chain Stunner/Stunning Team. Most Teams are Decent and honest.

Jun 09, 2009
there is no need to complain about spell cards first of all with the tempest if you let them build all of the requirments to do 2,000 damage then maybe you should'nt be dueling and with earthquake its the only way in game to remove sheilds on the life mage if you cant remove them they are unbeatable, people worked many hours to gain these spells and are proud to have them as i am sure all have that prized card that gives them an edge so if you dont like those cards then kill them before they can pump them up to max damage

May 09, 2009
Stormrunner, I hear where you are trying to get across.

Some cards are way too powerful to be in PVP. They are an unfair advantage over people who are lower level or even the same level. I agree with you 100% on this one. I may only be level 29 but I have seen a good deal of cards in pvp battles. Some of them wipe me out in one or two hits. Like what you said about the Tempest card, It is way too powerful with all the blade, traps, and global additions. I also agree with your other arguments. If a spell removes everything on one person, or one hit KOs them, it is way too powerful. There needs to be some way to handle this. If it is from Balance shields to changing cards, I would be fine.

I own a game where they actually ban certain objects from coming into the arena. This does get annoying but it is worth it. What I am trying to say is that some cards should be banned only from PVP in certain situations. Like when you are going against someone twice your level (something I have went through many times), their cards should be cut down in power to make the match fair. I have been comepletly wiped out and have gone from the Knight rank to Sergant rank in about five days.

Thinking out loud,
Marcus Legendcrafter, LIFE storm, LVL 29, Corporal rank.

Oct 03, 2008
It would be far better to match on level instead of rank, because making the higher levels weaker won't always work, since for all you know the lower level could actually be stronger. My brother is only an adept and he can even mop the floor with grandmasters, so it would really be better to match by level.

As for spells, No they should be banned because many of the spells mentioned here are the only things the keep that school ina comparable state to other schools. Take balance for example. If judgment wasn't as powerful as it was, balance would be the weakest school cause none of their other spells match the strength of the other schools. Earthquake is also needed because otherwise people will just deck out by spamming shields, heals, and reshuffles. You would start seeing matches lasting hours because neither wizard would be able to sufficiently hurt the other. IMO, if people were allowed to shield as a main strategy, people would stop going to the arean because it be too boring, dealing with stallers gets REALLY OLD, REALLY FAST !!!! :(

Valkoor Crow
Granmaster Necromancer