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Drop Matches!

Feb 27, 2009
I thought of a new kind of match for the arena: Drop Matches! It is where players put up stuff that they are willing to "drop" if they lose the match. For example: If you do a 2v2, you and your partner will put up one item each. If they lose that 2v2 match, the two people on the opposite team, will get one of the items you put up. You can put up clothing, treasure cards, reagents, housing equipment, wands, pets, or........TRAINING POINTS!!!!!!!!
You put up clothing and housing equipment that have a lvl range, but you CANT put up stuff that cant be sold in the Bazzar. You also cant put up a THIS SCHOOL ONLY item. That way, if you are lvl 30 and you get a lvl 50 ONLy item, you at least are able to sell it for a few bucks.....or you can save it for later. But its not fair if you HAVE to be a certain school.
Tell me what you think ! It would be like getting an item from defeating a boss, but with a few rules.

Kestrel Ghostwalker~lvl 50 Grandmaster Sorcerer

Jan 11, 2009
Dec 18, 2008
hehe i see what you mean. i like it. the whole idea will take more planning cause i have played other games with this and they were poorly set up. not fun... trust me. (i lost something bill coins from one battle before in runescape)But i love the idea and think it should be emplimented. Also can you make 1v2 1v3 1v4 matches to? i have heard people say i caould beat your whole team alone blah blah and well i thought i would like that kinda challenge.(person who did it was easily defeated later... kinda ironic dont ya thinks?) oh well. keep up them ideas pplz.

Travis Tyler Tristan Thomas and Trevor spiritstrider.