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Apr 11, 2010
Why isn't there a draw column in PvP?

I was once defeated by my opponent but my minion took him out. We both ended up losing our rank points and the match.

I defeated a fire opponent and he decided to immolate himself to death and take me out as well with that spell >_<. Again we both lost our rank points.

Why not a draw column in which if both players are defeated, there is no loss or gain to rank points?

And when you only get 4 tickets or something for losing a match, you get a fixed number of 6 or 7 tickets?

It is still less than a win, but slightly more than a loss.

Can we have a draw/Stalemate chart for PvP?

May 02, 2009
I like this idea. But I think the reason that theres not a draw column is because no one expected the players to take each other out in the same turn.

But you ARE right in the fact that if a draw happens, then both palyers shouldn't lose their rank points. Not saying the should necessarily gain rank points, but still.

Good idea, and I hope KI looks into this in the future.

Jun 09, 2009
Same thing happened to me. Myth grand vs. Myth Grand... I Orthrus him, and his minotaur minion took me out.